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Thank you for visiting our website. The purpose of our site is to give you an understanding of what we do, which is to provide a personal will making service, involving two meetings with you, rather than trying to arrange your will through the internet or by post.

Why you need a will
Our speciality is writing wills and ancillary documents. Before we write your will, we like to review your old one, which we do free of charge. We firmly believe that people must make wills. Currently, between half and three quarters of the population do not have a valid will. This causes stress for their bereaved relatives struggling to clear up the mess, often resulting in the ‘wrong’ people inheriting and the taxman getting a nice windfall.

We mainly write wills for people living close to the Essex/Suffolk border. We are happy to write wills for people who live further away, but there will be extra travel/time costs if you can’t visit us in Constable Country, Dedham Vale. Our personal attendance is vital to our will writing service.

Our principal, Trevor Dodwell, is a retired solicitor with 40 years of will writing experience, having moved to Suffolk from London many years ago.

Beware of internet wills
Your will has to comply with important technical requirements to be effective. Wills made on the internet or on forms bought at stationers may look cheap but they can be dangerous products, costing thousands of pounds as lawyers try (and don’t always succeed) to put them right. We want to encourage you to make a well planned will, with our help, and at a fair price.

Two stop strategy

Just like the Formula 1 racing teams, we work on a two stop strategy. We think you will enjoy the first client meeting, when we establish the relationship with you and use our experience to mine all the relevant information and generally helping to ensure that your intentions are properly thought through and workable.  

With the information gained at that meeting we draft the will, if necessary dealing with any queries by telephone or email, and shortly afterwards we arrange the second meeting. At that meeting (which should also be enjoyable because you will be close to the successful conclusion of your will-making) we will explain the will to you in detail to make sure that it expresses your wishes in every respect. We then ask you to sign the will, in the presence of two witnesses, and we are responsible for making sure that this is all done strictly as required by law.

Great value for money
We will give you a binding quotation for our work as soon as we have sufficient information from you to estimate this. The fee will be great value for money, usually between one third and one half of the fee which you would be charged by a solicitor in your area.

Special Requirements
We were tempted to include a FAQ section, but there are so many different circumstances to take into account that we thought it best to invite you to call or email us (in the former case, calls limited to 5 minutes). Special requirements may include the appointment of guardians for young children, protecting the family home from being sold to pay for care home expenses, saving inheritance tax, safeguarding the interests of an unmarried partner, and so on.

Finally, you need to consider where your will should be kept. There are a number of options (apart from keeping it at home) including making use of the Probate Registry’s storage facility at a cost of £20.  Again, we can give you help and guidance.

Contact details

Trevor Dodwell

Telephone: 01206 263420

Email: trevordodwell@aol.com

The Will Business Limited is registered in England

Company Number 06785870

Registered Office:

Gillyflower House


Colchester CO6 5AH   



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